Home Owners

Are you tired of being stuck in the isolated kitchen, left out of the action? Is your 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s floor plan keeping you from being part of the fun? The folks at Load Bearing Wall Pros believe in the open floor plan. Family rooms and kitchens were made to be connected. Let us come out and show you how easily this task can be accomplished. It is not nearly as difficult as you think.

Our system is designed to come in and two days later leave you with an opening that looks like it grew there. Take a minute to call the experts at Load Bearing Wall Pros and let us come out and help you open up your floor plan.

Real Estate Investors

He is pretty handy……She has a great eye for design, but neither are ready to take on the challenge of changing the structural make up of the house.

When flipping a house, you want to provide a creative and appealing floor plan that a new homeowner can picture themselves living in. Let us come in and help. We can remove walls and provide the structural expertise that will set you up to create a floor plan that sells.

Load Bearing Wall Pros provide an awesome service to people that are trying to renovate and flip houses. You know as well as I do that no one likes a chopped up floor plan. Allow us to come in, remove the walls and turn the old and cramped into a modern masterpiece that stands apart. Open floor plans sell. That is what people are looking for. Let Load Bearing Wall Pros help you accomplish this. Our service comes in and removes the walls and leaves the finish out to you. Leave the structural to us and lets you focus on the design.

General contractors

New construction framers are a dime a dozen, remodeling framers are a quarter a dozen….a framer with a brain is priceless. We are a full feature framing contractor that is used to working in occupied houses, around people’s possessions, and protecting people’s valuables in such a way that would make any client comfortable with our service.

Have you run into the “wall that cannot be removed”?. For Load Bearing Wall Pros, there is no such thing. We have a variety of products which allow large AC ducts to transverse the newly installed beams…..gas, plumbing, and electrical lines are no match for the guys at Load Bearing Wall Pros. We CAN tear down that wall!!

Real Estate Agents

The contract is executed. You are in the option period. Now is your time to set yourself apart as a real-estate agent that can get things done. There are plenty of easy tasks that will be coming up on the inspection report. You have plenty of people to handle these. Who is going to take care of the structural framing components on the next list you get? The sale of the house could depend on it.

Give the guys at Load Bearing Wall Pros a chance to help you make this process as seamless as possible. We can remedy almost any structural framing problem in a house. Termite damage…Bam!….no problem. saggy ceiling, roof or bowing wall….Bam!….we have it. Rotten floor joists, subfloor or other structural components….Bam!….not an issue at all. Our estimates are free and you’ll be amazed at our quick response time on getting a number to your client. We know that during this critical period time is of the essence.