Turn Your Exterior Wall into Panoramic, Collapsible Glass Doors

Want a custom door but don’t want to pay those custom prices?

Introducing “From Wall To Door” by Load Bearing Wall Pros!

The idea behind offering a reasonable priced, panoramic, full-wall, sliding glass door is to give customers a single point of contact for the structural portion AND the door portion of the job.

For years we have come into homes and created openings for panoramic patio doors. The downside to us creating an opening without having the door on hand is life with a temporary plywood wall for the days or weeks (God forbid months) before the door install company comes out to fill the new opening with their product.

To avoid this, we have partnered with a 70+ year old company, to provide and install high quality aluminum sliding doors after our load bearing beam is installed, ALL IN ONE DAY!

When closed, our door gives more glass and less frame than any door on the market. Then, when open, we connect the indoor with the outdoor, creating a RESORT FEEL not common to residential properties.

Our door allows you to convert that series of small choppy windows or doors into an amazing moving wall of nearly frameless glass.

How Much Does it Cost?

Pricing is based on square footage, so you can create a door size perfect for you with a max height of 8’ and a max width of 24’. Count on us to build adoor that fits your project and budget.

Door Materials and Configurations

These anodized aluminum sliding doors are available in multiple configurations. They can stack to the right, to the left, or split in the middle.

All doors come with double pane, insulated, low-E glass. And aninsulated aluminum door panel frame, as well as a double sweep at the bottom of each panel (this prevents as much air

and dust transmittance as possible).

All steel and brass rolling hardware brings you operation reliability for years to come.

Don’t worry about stubbing your toe on this door threshold, because it’s only 1/2” tall!

This low profile design provides a safe transition as well as that sleek look you want.

You’re covered by our WARRANTY!

These doors come with a 15-year warranty on the glass seals. if they fog up between the panels, we will replace that glass panel. You’ll also get a 2-year warranty on all door hardware.

Timelapse of install

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