Of course, customers aren’t the only ones that have to think about the foundational integrity of a home. Real estate agents and other professionals are in a similar situation as those that flip houses. A home needs to be as strong foundationally as possible. While house-flippers could just lose credibility in a hobby, real estate agents could lose their job and possibly their career if they sell an old house that seems fine but is actually quite dangerous. If someone is injured when living in such a house, this could result in lawsuits as well as job loss.

This is a situation that no real estate professional ever wants to have to face. However, checking the wall strength of each house can be tedious. To save time and effort, it’s best to contact a company in the Plano, Texas area like Baxter Anderson Construction. With dozens of years of experience in dealing with load-bearing walls, a real estate agent can establish a contract with Baxter Anderson Construction that calls for these reinforced walls being added to each property that the agent plans to sell.

Load-bearing walls are solidified with plates, studs, and sometimes even nails. Their width allows them to support the weight of a property for years to come so that the house is perfectly safe to sell to any customer. A real estate agent that deals with selling used or old homes should not wait to get in touch with Baxter Anderson Construction.