Load-bearing walls are a foundational part of many homeowners’ properties in Plano, Texas as well as the rest of the country. These load-bearing walls balance the weight of a home or building. Brick is a favored material for load-bearing walls, as is block or concrete. In order for these walls to be as effective as possible, they can be slimmer or broader to accommodate the amount of weight that they need to support. It’s very necessary for the width of the walls to match the weight of the house or building to prevent volatility.

Most of the time, load-bearing walls are built using what is called platform framing, which positions the wall against a wall sill plate. Connected to a base plate, these wall sill plates link to the home’s main foundation and are topped off with the ceiling plate. Bolts or studs connect each plate together during the load-bearing wall installation process. By using a process for bonding the plates to the studs, which is known as end-nailing, the home will be even more structurally sound.

Baxter Anderson Construction of Plano, Texas recognizes how homes need these load-bearing walls. Our remodeling contractors will provide ideas for each customer that calls or emails. These walls can be moved from one part of the house to the other for an even better home foundation. If a customer finds that their load-bearing wall wasn’t constructed through platform framing and they want to get rid of it or relocate it, Baxter Anderson Construction will be happy to assist you.