Removing a Load Bearing Wall is like the “open heart surgery” of construction. It’s not something you trust to ANYONE. It takes a great amount of knowledge about how things are built, it takes precisely engineered solutions that have been tested and verified, and it takes a great amount of pro-experience to ensure a structurally safe and superb product. Not to mention a great amount of care to protect the space we work in to ensure 100% satisfaction with Load Bearing Wall Pros.


Load Bearing Wall Removal Process:

  1. DUST
    Dust is directed to open window or door. A high-powered vent fan is used if necessary.
    Large moving blankets are placed on your floors for protection. Painters’ plastic is used to cover non-construction areas and possessions.
    Shoring posts and I-beams are used to temporarily support the weight while the load bearing wall is removed.
  1. DEMO
    Demo begins by removing sheet rock, studs, and any wiring. Sheet rock on ceiling is cut to expose ceiling joists.
  1. PREP
    Ceiling joists are precisely measured and precision-cut in the area where the new beam will be installed.
    Hangers or pressure blocks are installed on each joist connecting them to the new beam.
    Beam is reinforced on both sides with stud – pack installed inside the wall
    Joists are tied into the new beam and stud packs are installed, then temporary support is removed
    Construction debris is removed and rooms are swept.
    Electric, HVAC, and plumbing are left site – ready for next cruise which means they are low left hanging for quick/easy identification and access.


We are often asked “How is removing my walls or columns even possible in just ONE DAY???” Well, the short answer is  “This is all we do…..we are absolutely the real PROS”

Now for the long answer……before we even start you job, our office staff is responsive and quickly gathers your info/photos to start the bid process, our ballpark estimators have the most experience of anyone in the company and provide very accurate ballpark bids,  our initial on-site meeting and measurement is thorough and precise resulting in correct materials being spec’d to support your home, our engineering calculations have been checked and rechecked for safety, our trucks, trailers and equipment are very well maintained to ensure timely arrival to you home. 

NOW THAT WE ARE ONSITE…..our covering process has been tweaked and refined to protect you home and your possessions, our men are well trained to be careful but still productive, our equipment is specific to wall removal, our tool trailers are well stocked with needed parts for any situation, our yard is stocked with every beam under the sun so supply chain disruptions are eliminated, our men are well paid and happy to do their very physical job, our supervisors are quality and detail oriented, allow us to deliver first rate work every single day.


We offer lifetime written, transferable, structural warranty included.

We provide a licensed, stamped, third-party engineers letter (post installation).

We carry a $2,000,000 general liability insurance policy specifically (written to include loadbearing wall/column removal).

We have specialized crews that remove loadbearing walls every day – we don’t paint, plumb, plant flowers, or put up Christmas lights… We only take out loadbearing walls/columns – IT’S ALL WE DO!!



A typical job for the pros, meaning 90% of our jobs, takes just one day to complete. A good general rule of thumb we use: jobs under $15,000 are one day jobs.

We install between 12 and 16 structural beams each week. Because of our specialization, we are able to remove walls and columns more quickly, efficiently, and securely than any other contractor in the metroplex. We are the specialized surgeon as opposed to the general practitioner.

Most cities do require a remodel permit for structural changes. That said, we leave the permit decision up to each client.

If you have questions regarding the permit process, please call our office to discuss the specifics of your project.

Dallas: 214.624.5200 | Houston 713.425.3078

No, the Texas Engineering Practice Act prohibits engineering firms from designing structural solutions and then performing the service of installing that solution. The act considers that practice a conflict of interest and can punish offenders if caught.

We outsource our engineering designs to a local 3rd party engineering firm.

We cover all floors (that are not being removed) with painters plastic, then cover that plastic with heavy moving blankets in construction areas. Depending on the situation we may use ventilation fans to blow the dust we create to the outside the home.

Non-construction areas will be covered with painters’ plastic to avoid large amounts of dust from traveling out of the construction area. To be clear, our work is major construction so we take these steps to contain the dust as much as we can.

Simply call our office to pay the 25% deposit by credit card OR mail a 25% deposit check to the Load Bearing Wall Pros office. Your deposit will serve as your acceptance of our terms and conditions (Terms and conditions included with onsite estimate).

Once we’ve received your deposit, we will contact you to schedule a date for your job to start.  

We take a 25% deposit to secure a date on our schedule. The balance of the project will be due at the time of completion.

Both of these payments can be paid by credit card, check, or cash. Final payments made with credit card will be subject to a

3% credit card processing fee.

Other than the walls/columns removed, your house will be ready for rerouting of mechanicals and drywall repair.

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