Since load-bearing walls are often covered in a final layer of drywall, a homeowner may not be quite sure if they have these walls in their house or not. Tearing through drywall can be time-consuming and detract from the appearance of the home. Either wallpaper or paint will be irreversibly damaged. Even then, if the homeowner doesn’t know what to look for, they can’t tell the difference between a load-bearing wall and any other type of wall.

Rather than ripping into a house, allow the professionals at Baxter Anderson Construction to stop by and inspect the property instead. The contractors that work at this Plano, Texas remodeling company know how to break through drywall without ruining the surrounding walls of the house, and they also can find load-bearing walls right away. If the contractor notices that the home does not have load-bearing walls, a homeowner may want to consider getting these installed.

No matter what size house that a customer owns, whether it’s large or small, these walls can fit inside the property. Room size also does not restrict a homeowner from asking the contractors at Baxter Anderson Construction about strengthening their home with load-bearing walls. With the platform framing installation technique that the contractors use to install these walls, which includes a group of plates that are positioned from the floor to the ceiling, the homeowner knows that their property will be safe.