Saggy ceilings mean your home may need structural remediation

Remember that broken attic roof brace that you noticed the last time you were up in the attic? Just like with our aging bodies, old houses begin to sag. This is primarily caused by undersized lumber originally installed when your house was first built. For the experts over at Load Bearing Wall Pros, this is just our thing. Allow us to come in diagnose, propose a solution, and implement your structural remediation in a timely and financially prudent way. Your roof ridge that was once straight as an arrow over the years has begin to sag in the middle.  We are just the team to correct the aging structure of your home.

Why do you need structural remediation?

saggy garage ceiling undergoing structural remediationWe are all guilty of it. When you see all that open space in the attic above your garage, it brings out the hoarder in you. Who can pass on the opportunity to make the most of that space??? A quick trip to the hardware store, one attic staircase and a few sheets of plywood later…..Bam, you are in business. Instant, free storage, only one problem…..that space was not designed to support anything more than the Sheetrock nailed to it. It will almost instantly begin to sag in the center and continue to get worse with time and as more tax returns are stored up there.


Enter Load Bearing Wall Pros…allow us to work our magic and make that space into the storage you so desperately need and deserve. Our system is designed to come in and make that space usable storage while restoring the structural integrity of your home. In many cases we do not even have to take the Sheetrock off of the ceiling, but can straighten out the saggy ceiling limiting the damage to only a few cracks. Ask us how we can do such an awesome job for you!

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