Our Company

Load Bearing Wall Pros was born from an aggregation construction experience. If you really care, read the next few paragraphs below…….If you don’t care, just know, we are THE wall removal PROS in the United States. We are THE ORIGINAL residential structural wall removal focused company in this great nation. We do high quality work for a fair price.

We got our start in Feb. 2007 as a custom home builder, Baxter Anderson Custom Homes (still the parent company of Load Bearing Wall Pros), in the Preston Hollow area of Dallas, Texas. After building and successfully selling several $1.2- 1.5 million spec houses, we had the unfortunate luck of finishing a $2,500,000 spec house right at the end of Q1 2009. By the grace of God we finally sold the home in the middle of the sub-prime mortgage debacle in Q3 of 2009. We did hold out and sold for our asking price, but after that white knuckle ride, vowed to never have that many eggs in one basket again.

We turned our focus to remodeling homes for clients and also buying, rehabbing and then selling distressed residential properties.  We had very good success doing this, but again an outside influence changed the market. As shows like Property Brothers and Flip or Flop really started becoming popular in 2013-14, the distressed property market became a very popular investment. As interest in the “Flipper” world skyrocketed, so did price tags on distressed houses. Every “He’s pretty handy” and “She’s got an eye for design” duo wanted a shot at riding this wave. Unprecedented amounts of money and effort flooded the rehab market making it extremely hard to even buy houses to fix. A house would come on the market and would have 3-5 cash offers in the first day. Not being able to buy houses to fix-up proved to be a real problem so we scratched our heads and then put them together and realized it was time to turn the page and see what next.

Thru it all, we did emerge from the house flipping world with one important skill. STRUCTURAL WALL REMOVAL Our time remodeling rapidly expand our knowledge of structural walls and how to safely  take them out. The arsenal of materials and techniques grew on a daily basis as we faced different ceiling heights, roof pitches, and framing configurations. Wall removal became our signature move. We actually sought out houses with bad floor plans knowing we had just the skills to open things up. Curious neighbors poked their heads in wondering what all the action was, what they saw was a myriad of temporary supports, shoring material and lots of missing sheetrock. These nosey neighbors soon became customers as they hired us to repeat the feat in their homes.

The formation of a specialized wall removal company began to seem like a possibility, but could there possibly be enough demand to create a business? In January of 2015, we decided to give it a go, and 8 years later, here we are…..8,500 successful wall removals and counting.

We love what we do, because hearing clients say, ”Oh my goodness, after living here for 10 years, I NEVER though our house could look like this!!!!” never gets old to us.

Jason and Jared Hulcy
Brothers first – also Owners of Load Bearing Wall Pros