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What is involved in Removing A Load Bearing

Are you considering a home remodel? Many projects like these require removing one or more walls. Removing these walls can give you a fresh new look and make your space more usable for everyday life. However, there are a few things that are involved in removing a load bearing wall.

What Is A Load Bearing Wall?

A load bearing wall simply means a wall is supporting the weight of something above. Depending on the size and structure of your home, most of the walls are supporting something, whether it be the roof, the ceiling, or the second floor. 

Why Remove A Wall?

There are several reasons to remove a wall from your home. Some people choose to remove walls when they remodel because they don’t like how “sectioned off” their house is. Once the separating walls are removed the floor plan really opens up and looks more modern. Another reason people choose to remove load bearing walls is to capture more house square footage by closing in part or all of the back porch/patio. This also increases your property value!

Removing A Load Bearing Wall

Since load-bearing walls are essential for your home’s structure, removing them will take time and careful planning. If you’re considering removing these walls in your home, here are some things to consider first.

Hiring A Contractor

The first thing to consider before you get to work is whether you will hire a contractor or do the work on your own. Many homeowners hire professional help since removing load-bearing walls is a major project. Professional contractors have plenty of experience in these projects and give you advice for your home remodel.

One thing that may help you decide is calculating the cost. Home remodeling projects will cost you regardless of the size. Take some time to estimate the cost of removing your walls. A professional company can help you with this as well.

Researching Permits

Most cities require a permit for major home remodels such as patio installations, wiring and plumbing work, and removing load bearing walls. Before you start breaking down the wall, research permit requirements and inspections.

Contact your cities permit agency and they can help you determine if you need to pull a permit for your project.

Using Temporary Support

Before you remove the wall, you’ll need to use temporary support to hold up the structure. You’ll need to add a temporary support wall to either side of the framework of the load bearing wall. This temporary support wall will keep everything supported until you install a replacement support structure(generally a beam. 

Installing A Beam

It’s important to know if you remove a load-bearing wall and install a structural beam, this  re-locates the weight somewhere else. If done properly, redistributing the weight in this way will keep your home’s structure intact. If a beam is not installed properly or if it is too small for the load it is carrying, there can be huge consequences.  

If you need help removing a load-bearing wall from your home, Load Bearing Wall Pros can help. We have helped thousands of homeowners in Texas and we can help you too. Give us a call today.

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Big NO NO in the load bearing beam install world

Here is a video clip I shot on a job we were called out to where the “Two Bucks in a truck” contractor has been fired. The clip shows how NOT to install a load bearing beam. This install robs the LVL engineered beam of all of its designed strength. By putting a roof cut on the beam the contractor has significantly reduced the structural integrity of the material. In this case we would typically install a wide flange steel I-beam. It would be able to fit, without being cut and still bear the weight of the load above.



Garland tornado relief

As a framing contractor, when the tornados hit Rowlett and Garland 12/26 we felt compelled to head over and help.
Since the the tornado hit we have, as of today, 1/7, had volunteer boots on the ground every day over in the tornado zone. It has been AWESOME to pour ourselves into a hurting community. The people over there are soooo strong, but the task of trying to figure out which way is up after everything they own has been put into a blender is a tall order. We have tarped and done temporary reframing work on about 45 homes over there in the last 10 days. Wall removal has been on hold as we have made our rounds over there. Our generators are ready for a break! Check out the story of the un-insured man my brothers and I are going to try to help get back on his feet.

Below is a pic of the tag currently on Jimmy’s front door…Dangerous, Uninhabitable…sounds bad….not a problem for the Load Bearing Wall Pros!!!!

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Material needed to eliminate a load bearing wall

One of the most important elements to load bearing wall removal is putting something back in the place of the wall being removed that is capable of soundly bearing the new load over the desired span. This is where a professional is going to earn his pay. Misdiagnosing the weight load on the wall that is going to be eliminate, could prove to be catastrophic to the structure of your home. Load Bearing Wall Pros exclusively uses Anthony Forest Products for our gluelam, I-joist, microlam and LVL needs

What we do.

In the modern era, no one likes the closed off floor plan anymore. People want to open up floorplans to give themselves more space in one common area. Demolition of loadbearing walls is what we specialize in. This allows the space to be contiguous and waaaay more usable. The days of the isolated galley kitchen separated from the family room by wall or a wall with a whole/pass through in it are behind us. Think about what do realtors write on descriptions of houses they are trying to market…… Do you ever hear them say closed off and compartmentalized or do you hear them say open, spacious, ready for entertaining. Do you have a wall or oddly placed column that affects the flow of traffic and your home? Call us out to demolish that wall, remove that wall and make it go away. Typically our projects are a one-day turnaround time so you have nothing to lose. No wall is too load bearing for us. We have tons of satisfied customers all over the DFW metroplex.

Open up that floor plan and let the fun begin.


All of these walls are making this place feel small…..get them outta here


Jubilee trail after 01
Ahhhh…..that is way better. May not actually be bigger, but feels much bigger.


Material needed to take out a load bearing wall safely.

Almost any load bearing wall can be safely removed. The key is to use appropriately sized material to redirect the load previously supported by the wall that is going away. This is where a professional is going to earn his/her money. There are a variety of options (LVL or Microlam, Gluelam or power beam, girder truss) that can be used to correctly handle this part of the project. Engineers and structural framing professionals have tools that allow them to input the specifics of each situation into an engineering program, correctly calculate the load and then recommend the correct product to cross the new span.


Load Bearing Wall Pros use Anthony Forest Products for these products for wall removal in the DFW metroplex. Click the image below to see what products the pros are using.