Welcome to Load Bearing Wall Pros. We want to invite you to explore our services! We offer 3 categories of services: Wall Removal, Kitchen Remodel, & From Wall to Door installation. We’ve been providing these services now in the Dallas area for 7 years! We have proven our value as shown by the testimony of our customers and are excited to expand to new and exciting markets like Houston! And more to come! We feel confident that after you hear from our customers, understand how we ensure the safety, care, and structural integrity of your project, and experience our customer-focused efficiency, you will feel confident that hiring the PROS was the easiest part of your home remodel. Please contact us directly with any questions and thank you for the opportunity for your business!

Open your floorplan by removing the dividing walls

Design & plan the kitchen of your dreams

Bring the outside in by converting a wall into beautiful glass doors

Why Choose Us

In most cases, our structural work is a one day project. 

We are extremely cautious with your home and its contents. We take dust control during our contractor work very seriously.

We give a 10-year, written, transferable structural warranty with clearly stated tolerances on plumb, level, bending, and bowing.

Our $2,000,000 general liability insurance policy specifically covers load bearing wall removal. Unless the contractor specifically requests load bearing wall removal coverage, there is most likely an exclusion written into their policy that would deny a claim resulting from load bearing wall removal.

The materials we install in your home will be spec'd by a licensed structural engineer. There's no guessing or hoping that we use the right product!

Unlike general remodelers or new construction framers, load bearing wall removal is our specialty. We remove load bearing walls each and every week all over the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, not just 2 or 3 times a year. We can provide several references for completed projects in the last 60 days.

We're happy to share our list of highly qualified sub-contractors here in DFW or HOUSTON that can follow behind to make your home a real showplace.

Who We Are?

Load bearing wall removal contractors in Dallas, TX

Load Bearing Wall Pros is a load bearing wall removal contractor based in Plano, Texas AND The Woodlands, TX, specializing in wall removal. We serve the DFW metroplex and the Houston area. Our business is all about SAFELY removing load bearing walls to open up floor plans.

With over 6,900 load bearing walls removed since our 2007 beginning, we are the Houston, TX and Dallas/Fort Worth, TX authority on structural wall removal. Taking down walls is all the rage on the Home and Garden channel, but get it wrong and you will have more than egg on your face.

Why would you let “2 Bucks in a truck” perform the equivalent of open-heart-surgery on your home??? Don’t lay down at night hoping they got it right; bring in the Load Bearing Wall Pros and have the peace of mind knowing it was done correctly. Reach out to us for free consultation and evaluation of any concerns you might have regarding the structure of your biggest single investment. The bid process starts with you emailing us pictures of your project, we then return an email ballpark bid in 24 hours. If this ballpark bid fits within your budget, we then schedule and onsite evaluation where we use our thermal cameras to see what is going on behind the sheetrock. Our on-site structural evaluation combined with the thermal technology allows us to tell what is load bearing and what is not.

One significant difference in our company and the standard “Framer” is that we are well schooled in working in occupied homes. While wall removal is a messy process, we remain conscientious of your home and your possessions. A clean jobsite is a happy jobsite.


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Member of the Good Contractor List

"We are so proud of our contractors! We can only change the industry if we pick the right people to be on the team. We can't guarantee that you will have the perfect experience every time, because anything can happen in this world, but we will guarantee that the final product will be quality and the contractor will be held accountable to deliver as promised. If the contractor fails to do what they were contracted to do, then we will pay up to $10,000 out of our own pockets to fix the issue. We believe this is the example of true accountability and responsibility!"

-John Stewart Hill, Founder / CEO
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